The proyect


WP 1 Manufacturing of biobased building blocks

To develop and produce at lab and pilot scale two new biobased monomers obtained from vegetable oils following Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) criteria. Each of them specifically designed to provide water and oil repellence through their functionalization.

WP2 Biobased coating formulation

To develop and produce at lab and pilot scale two new biobased coatings based on the functional biomonomers:

  • New biobased waterborne organic and/or hybrid acrylic coating specifically designed to bring added-value for the packaging and for textile sector.
  • New biobased hybrid sol-gel systems specifically designed to bring added-value for kitchenware sector.

WP3 Application, validation and circularity of coating systems for the selected applications

To validate the new coatings in an industrial relevant environment (TRL5), demonstrating the compliance with the requirements and their applicability by industrial processes.

WP4 Safe and sustainable by design

To implement Safe and Sustainable by design (SSbD) strategy following the guide presented by the European Commission.

To assess the environmental performance and circularity of the new coatings through environmental Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Cost, and social Life Cycle Analysis (LCA/LCC/s-LCA).

Computational tools and in silico methods will be implemented to determine exposure, hazard and fate properties from the developed substitutes of PFAS.

WP5 Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation activities

Interact with the audience and get feedback.
Facilitate further exploitation.
Build synergies and generate collaborations.
Identification of business opportunities and marketing strategies for market acceptance and exploitation.
Development of a series of guidelines and a roadmap for the standardization of the new coatings.

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